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1. Motorola Timeport P7382 Phone

1. Motorola Timeport P7382 Phone (T-Mobile)
by Motorola
list price: $49.99
(price subject to change: see help)
Asin: B000056VU0
Catlog: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Sales Rank: 6447
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While it is not designed for worldwide use, the new Motorola P7382 phone is similar in design and function to the Motorola P7389 world phone. The single-band, digital-only P7382 features a bluish-green case, intuitive control keys, and a full graphical display with streamlined menu navigation. Ultimately, it's a handsome phone with the features any mobile professional would expect.

The P7382 measures 5.1 by 1.85 by 0.9 inches, has a stubby 1-inch antenna, and weighs just 4.2 ounces. It's small enough to operate with one hand and sturdy enough to withstand rigorous treatment.

The bright, backlit display has four lines of variable-size text (15 characters maximum per line) and a line of status icons along the top. Prompts for menu or navigation options appear in small letters along the bottom of the display. Prompts are displayed directly above the Clear (marked "C") and OK keys. Other buttons include a vertical roller-bar key to navigate menus and text, a message button marked with an envelope icon, and a go-back/quick-access menu key labeled with an up arrow. Volume control buttons and a smart button (it launches the phone book) dot the left-hand side, and the voice recorder's start button is located at the base of the antenna along the right side of the phone. There are 11 ringer tones plus a vibrate mode.

The phone book can hold 100 numbers, and the SIM card holds an additional 155 contacts. Up to 25 phone-book entries can be assigned Voice Tags for voice dialing, a feature we found to be quick and easy to use.

The P7382's voice recorder is an incredible convenience, although its three-minute capacity restricts it to short notes. A simple press of the Record button starts and stops the recording, while the remaining available time counts down on the display. It should be noted that the P7382 doesn't have an external speaker, so you have to hold the phone to your ear to listen to recorded messages.

The minibrowser is an added bonus. It provides access to a host of popular Web sites as well as sports, financial, weather, and entertainment updates. And the P7382's simplified menu navigation makes logging on to Web sites a straightforward process. Keep in mind, at this point WebStream Internet service is only available in Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, and Boston.

The P7382's call-management and security-features list reads like a phone fantasy wish list. Basically, if your GSM carrier has a service, this phone supports it. From conference calling to caller ID and call forwarding to voice-mail alerts, the P7382 does it all.

When you press the quick-access key, nine common operations are displayed with an array of icons for such functions as wireless Internet access, creating/editing SMS messages, muting the phone, toggling the vibration mode, and adding numbers to your SIM card.

In addition to SIM card, phone, and keypad locking, the Timeport P7382's security features let you lock control-menu and phone-book access and selectively restrict outgoing and incoming calls.

The P7382 has an infrared port for synchronizing phone-book data with a PC, and the port on the bottom of the phone can be used with a data cable to tether your phone to a PC or other device. TrueSync PIM software makes it easy to transfer phone-book entries from your desktop PC or notebook to the phone. And, unlike its predecessor (the Timeport L7089), there is an incoming fax mode for data calls.

In addition to the TrueSync software, the Timeport P7382 is bundled with a Jabra EarSet, travel charger with European/UK adapter, and belt clip.

Its lithium-ion battery is rated for a maximum 210 minutes of digital talk time and 150 hours of digital standby time. In testing, our sample phone held a call for nearly 210 minutes, and it lasted just over 150 hours in standby mode.

Certainly, the P7382's efficient design and rich set of calling features are appealing. Additionally, the minibrowser should entice different people, provided you live in one of the four cities where WebStream service is available. Look for VoiceStream to expand this service in the near future. --Thom Arno (edited by Steve O'Neil)


  • Voice-activated features
  • Compact and lightweight with a nicely balanced case
  • Infrared connectivity
  • Good talk-time battery performance
  • Digital-only, single-band operation
  • 3-minute capacity for voice recorder

How We Tested Battery Talk/Standby Time

When reading our reviews, you should view the test results of mobile-phone battery talk time and standby time as relative information only. Many variables, including carrier signal strength at your location, signal consistency (including incoming and outgoing calls), display and ringer settings, and battery charging methods and history, will affect performance. When handset manufacturers and mobile phone carriers list talk-time and standby-time ratings, they usually include disclaimers about variable performance and often refer to the times they publish as maximum times. Some quote expected battery life ranges, and in this case you're probably safe to assume you'll experience at least the minimum rated range. Note that manufacturers of dual-mode digital and analog handsets publish battery-life rates for both digital and analog modes, as analog mode consumes much more power than digital mode.

Our Tests: We tested digital-mode talk and standby times with each phone. Prior to each test, we fully charged the phone's battery according to the manufacturer's directions. To test digital-phone talk time, we turned the phone on, established a digital carrier signal, dialed a number in our test lab, and, when the call rang through, took the receiving phone's handset off the hook. When all went well, we didn't do anything else except record the time when the phone died. In a couple of cases, the phones lost the signal and dropped the calls. If we were right there and could redial, we did so immediately and continued running the test. Otherwise, we halted the test, recharged the battery, and started the test over. Assuming consistent carrier-signal strength, this test should represent best-case talk time. And it's worth noting that several phones' talk-time performance significantly exceeded the manufacturers' ratings.

To test digital-phone standby time, we turned the phone on, established a carrier signal, and left the phone in standby mode. We checked the phone every few hours (for what was often days on end) until the phone finally cut out. Since no outgoing or incoming calls occurred during testing and because the phone was not moved, this method should represent best-case standby time, again assuming consistent carrier signal strength. ... Read more


  • Web enabled
  • VoiceNote voice recorder
  • Voice-activated dialing for up to 25 contacts
  • Infrared modem
  • Up to 210 minutes' digital talk time and 150 hours' digital standby time; includes Jabra EarSet, Lithium-ion battery, TrueSync Software CD-ROM, European/UK power adapter, and belt clip

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